Did you know February was Time Management month? That’s the perfect chance to start your year off on the right foot. Therefore, take this time to review your business and find the problem areas that are taking up your time.

Good thing these tools work year-round to help you manage your time, and business, more optimally.

Now, what exactly is time management? Well, in simple terms proper time management gives power back to the person. It allows you to have better control over your time to better finish tasks, a better life/work balance, and improve productivity.

Well, in simple terms proper time management gives power back to the person. It allows you to have better control over your time to better finish tasks, a better life/work balance, and improve productivity.

Many business owners struggle in figuring out how to use their time efficiently. A big task is also understanding how long a project should take. At what point do you start prioritizing your priorities?

These tools and apps are meant to help you understand where you can find the time sinks in the day and become more productive. The internet is chock-full of distractions, and these can really affect a product or service.


A great tool to chart where your online time is spent! RescueTime works in the background of your device (computer, phone, tablet) and shows you automatically where your time is being utilized.

By tracking your time, you’ll be able to really understand which sites you’re spending the most time on, as well as apps. This tool is great for those social media addicts and YouTube fanatics.

There have been reviews of those who have realized that they spend too much time in their inbox, or in front of their computer per day.

Rescue Time is free to use but has paid options that can give detailed reports that narrow down problem areas. Coupled with the alarm feature that notifies the user when they’ve spent too much time on a task, Rescue Time becomes a great tool to use to organize your entire office.

Wunderlist/ Microsoft To Do

The ability to keep your to-do list connected across all devices is key in managing your time! This is what Wunderlist does best. They have taken the original daily planner into the future of connectivity.

Pairable with all of your devices, Wunderlist is able to help you focus on what matters to you. This tool helps you bridge the gap of having a work/life balance by helping you remember your responsibilities for the day.

The app lets you access your tasks at work, home, or on the move from client to client. With helpful reminders, you can always know whether you need to pick up groceries, or if you are meeting with a client at 2pm.

With multiple different styles and customization features, you’ll be able to choose the right theme that helps you stay on task the best! On May 6 Wunderlist will be re-branding as Microsoft To Do, so keep an eye out for that.

Time Camp

Time Camp is perfect for businesses that are hired on as contract workers or freelancers. Combining the best worlds of a time tracker and payroll; Time Camp becomes an easy and free way for private contractors, freelancers, and paid per project workers to keep track of their billable hours and projects.

Time Camp allows for your billable hours, tasks and projects to be recorded. This app also has GPS tracking features, and can create invoicing reports that can be sent directly to your client.

This app is great for those who do their work outside, or have to travel to complete a project. There’s no doubting where you were and how long you were there for when using Time Camp. Which means it will prevent clients from doubting your services or challenging you on your work done.

Another important feature is that Time Camp can also track your absences, sick leaves, and even holidays. This can come in handy when it comes to payoffs and taxes.


As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats from all of the different departments you run. A lot of hats mean a lot of emails from those departments, but how do you organize all of that into one inbox?

Sortd is a Gmail organizer that focuses on putting your emails into tasks, create reminders, and lists with the intention of sorting your inbox. This is a game-changer for those who receive too many emails to keep track of.

Instead of having your inbox filled with read and unread emails, Sortd will plan an prioritize your emails visually. This is more inclined to how our minds work and it will organize your inbox based on context, not just by time.

In addition, Sortd has a day planner built into the system making organizing yourself much easier. This will save a lot of lost time searching through your email and increase your accuracy by not forgetting to respond to important emails


Gone are the days of sharing files back and forth with colleagues. Save time by being able to create, edit, and present projects together. At the same time.

G-suite is a product created and supported by Google in which you can collaborate with your team on google docs, slides, excel and much more. You can organize your business by having all of your files uploaded and accessible in G-suit’s Drive.

You can also set up reminders, alerts, and even meetings using the calendar function. G-suit is a must for businesses that spend most of their day working with computers and clients.

If interested, BrandRep offers G-Suite features to businesses that show interest and benefit from it. Contact us to learn more about how G-suite can, not only increase productivity in the office but create an organization plan for all of your employees to use.

Save Time Earn Money

Time Management is an important part of a well functioning business. These tools aren’t just made to save your business time, but to make sure that your organization is optimizing itself to top performance.

You can now use the newly saved time to work on that crucial last report before heading home or to make sure that you’re getting to your important tasks before the day ends. These tools take the stress out of worrying about every detail and focuses on what matters most. It’s true what they say; Time is money, but the time saved is worth its value in gold.

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