Frog carrying multiple folders and documents
Frog carrying multiple folders and documents

Understanding how to deal with stress is crucial in the lives of a small business owner. It’s natural to be overwhelmed and finding a healthy way to handle your stress is key to success.

There are too many factors that can cause you to stress in a business. This can range from bills, lack of sales, confronting issues with your employees, or basic faulty equipment. Dealing with stress comes down to perseverance and preventing it from building up and, in turn, causing a mental breakdown.

At the end of the day, your health should be prioritized as number 1! You need to have a system in place to be able to destress and have a clear mind to run your business.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best ways small business owners can unwind from the stresses of running a company. We recommend a combination of the tips below for the best results.

Prioritize Your Tasks

The saying goes that once everything becomes a priority, that’s the time to start prioritizing your priorities. When running a business your routine begins to mimic a full-time firefighter, running around putting out fires everywhere you go. This constant back and forth can become tiresome and stressful, it’s time to prioritize your tasks.

By carving out time to break down your priorities into a to-do-list format you begin to optimize your day. Here are some tips of optimal ways to plan out your priorities and destress

  • Create a list of all of your tasks
  • Identify which tasks are urgent vs. important
  • Estimate how long each project would take
  • Which tasks can wait until tomorrow?

By being able to organize your tasks for the rest of your day into manageable projects you’ll be able to prioritize more efficiently. Understanding the amount of tasks you have left, as well as how long they will take, will ease your mind and keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

As a business owner, you already know you’re a superstar. You know this, we know this, your clients know this. Though this may be true, there’s no shame in delegating aspects of your job to others. We often run into the problem of wanting to control every aspect of our business causing unneeded stress in our lives. Its time we turn to delegation.

There are some aspects of your business that end up taking too much of your time. Destress and stop worrying about some of them by having someone as capable as you handle them.

Examples of this can be:

  • Scheduling meetings and calls can be done by a receptionist intern
  • College accounting students would jump at any opportunity to receive real-world experience doing Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • You can outsource writing articles, proposals, white papers, and reports.

If taking care of your social media takes up too much time, let others take control freeing up your time. BrandRep has many different plans that can take care of your social media posting, manage your ads, and help you boost your brand management.

Clear Your Mind

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It’s time to go out for a walk and clear your mind from the constant bombardment of responsibilities that cloud your brain every day. It’s easy to be caught up in your business and be occupied with the thoughts of improving it, even after you clock out for the day. Often times business owners end up taking their business home and forget to relax and unwind once there.

Clearing your mind is the best way to restart your mindset. Which is definitely easier said than done. When your brain is going 100mph and all you can think about is how you can improve your business, or the things you can be doing, it can be difficult to just “Stop”.

Here are a few tips that can help you begin to clear your mind and melt the stress away.

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood or at a local park. It will help you take deep breaths and slow down.
  • Practice Yoga for 30 minutes a day. It will allow you to do physical activity at home or at the office while clearing your mind, keeping it sharp.
  • Taking the time to get enough sleep will do wonders for your brain fatigue, causing less stress overall.

Follow these tips to really take control of your day. Clearing your mind will act as a sort of “reset” that will bring focus back into your work.

Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

Hiking, Relax, Mountains, Legs, Boots

This is very important. Taking breaks is vital in keeping your mental and physical state from draining and burning out. You become more productive and are overall in a better mood when you return from a break.

Take this opportunity to do the things that will most likely take your mind off of work. If you’re constantly using your brain and it may lead you into a dead-end creatively. Since you’re not a robot either without a break you’ll lose productivity and efficiency.

Instead, go out and leave your office or work area to take the time to unwind for a few minutes.

Some great break tips for a quick breather include:

  • Watch a funny YouTube video
  • Get lost in a book
  • Call a friend
  • Get some coffee
  • Play with the office dog

Do things that are not business-related. Stepping away from the business world may even open your eyes to a better strategy or idea to tackle any problems you may be facing.

Take Care Of Your Body

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Good health goes hand in hand with good business when you’re an entrepreneur. There’s a lot a business owner has to do. Often they work late nights, work early mornings, and don’t get sick time or vacation days. This can put a huge strain on your body not even including the stress that comes from it. This is why taking your body needs to be on your radar.

There are a few ways that you can sustain yourself throughout the day that can lead to better overall health.

  • Drink water throughout the day
  • Regularly eat healthy foods rich with vitamins
  • Have a normal sleeping schedule
  • Exercise regularly
  • Try to bring down your caffeine intake, switch to tea!

All of these actions can help bring down stress build-up that occurs both in the body and mind. Work can’t be done if you get sick due to a lack of nourishment. Take a couple of minutes every day to be mindful of how your body reacts, and listen to your body when something seems wrong.

Round Up!

Now let’s round up all the important information in an easy to review guide. Take this with you to make sure you are taking care of yourself and feel the stress leave you.

Our Guidelines go over:

  1. Prioritizing Your Tasks
  2. Delegate,Delegate,Delegate
  3. Clear Your Mind
  4. Don’t Forget To Take breaks
  5. Take Care Of Your Body

In reality you should be doing a mix of these tasks. A combination of them will lead to better time management, stress reduction and, if done right, stress mitigation. Your body and mental health deserves it. You work hard for your business, you should also work hard to make sure you are well taken care of.

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