Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Understanding Your Customer Journey

Understanding your customer is essential to achieving your core business goals. Whether you are trying to build the customer journey, creating content, or merely trying to increase sales, understanding your customer is the key to success
Hunched woman over a typewriter sitting next to a bookcase

Copywriting & SEO: How To Appeal To Your Consumer

Writing original content for your website is an essential building block to any successful company operating in the digital sphere. It's important to always keep the customer at the forefront of...

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Social Media Image Sizing

Have you ever taken the perfect photo for your business’ social media only to find that upon posting it, it looks warped and out of place? You're not alone. A lot...
YouTube for Business

Why you Should be Using YouTube for your Business

YouTube is an extremely powerful platform. It has over 1.3 billion users, accounting for over a third of people on the internet, and has 5 billion videos shown on a daily...